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Massey Ferguson Corp

Maximized Efficiency


AGCO Family

AGCO, Your Agriculture Company,  was founded in 1990 and offers a full product line of tractors, combines, hay tools, sprayers, forage, tillage equipment, implements, and related replacement parts.

AGCO agricultural products are sold under the core brands of Challenger®, Fendt®, Massey Ferguson® and Valtra®, and are distributed globally through more than 2,800 independent dealers and distributors, in more than 140 countries worldwide.

AGCO provides retail financing through AGCO Finance. AGCO is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA. AGCO's sales reached nearly $10 billion in 2012.


For all your Square Bale, Windrower, and Mower needs!


Bobcat Brand

Our Brand: One Tough Animal

The world renowned Bobcat brand stands for proven dependability and rugged durability. Bobcat’s tough, versatile and agile equipment, and its time-tested reliability, have earned the company its reputation as “One Tough Animal.”


Our Commitment: Bobcat Quality

Bobcat means proven dependability. Bobcat is committed to delivering the market’s best compact equipment solutions that are tough, rugged and durable.

Bobcat Corp
MacDon Corp

The Harvesting Specialists

Harvesting Performance


For over 65 years MacDon Industries Ltd. and its predecessor Killbery Industries Ltd., have been world leaders in the technology, innovation and manufacturing of high quality, high performance harvesting equipment. Our harvesting history is rooted deep in the rich prairie heritage of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As family-owned companies, MacDon and Killbery kept their values firmly intact while becoming world-class equipment manufacturers. With a workforce of approximately 1600, we sell our products in over 40 countries on six continents, with offices in Canada, the United States, Australia, Russia and Brazil.


Our pursuit for harvesting excellence began in 1949 as Killbery Industries Ltd. Back then, Killbery was a manufacturer of a variety of agricultural equipment including sprayers, grain augers, seeders, and cultivators. In 1951 Killbery produced one of the first self-propelled windrowers, and started a tradition of innovative harvesting solutions designed to deliver maximum value. In 1971 the MacDonald family purchased the company and shifted the focus to harvesting equipment, later changing the name of the company to MacDon Industries Ltd.


Built from the ground up, every MacDon machine is designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Winnipeg. Occupying approximately 900,000 square feet (83,600 m2) of buildings on over 85 acres (34 ha) of land, our Winnipeg operation includes facilities for R&D, Engineering, Quality Control, Parts, Manufacturing, Marketing and Supporting Departments. It’s from this location that we supply equipment to Dealers and Distributors around the world.


Our goal has been and continues to be… to manufacture reliable machines that make harvesting easier and more productive. That’s why we work directly with producers and custom harvesters in the toughest real-world conditions. It’s our relationship with these folks that guide MacDon to pioneer industry-leading innovations like the FlexDraper®. 

We’re proud of our reputation in providing customers with quality equipment and take our position as
The Harvesting Specialists seriously... because at the end of the day, our equipment helps producers
harvest the crops that feed the world.

Vermeer Corp

Vermeer Brand Promise

Commitment to Vermeer Customers

To build and improve infrastructure, work farms and ranches, and manage our natural resources, hard workers worldwide depend on Vermeer to help keep their operations productive and profitable. To help them achieve these goals our efforts are focused on maximizing their productivity and maintaining confidence in us and the success of their business as they move themselves and the world forward in smart and efficient ways.


We help to maximize our customers’ productivity and investment in Vermeer machines by building high-quality machines that are continuously improved in ways that are practical and useful to our customers to help make their operations more efficient. These machines are designed to deliver a long-term value by being built to reliably perform in tough environments that help our customers get more done and lower their operating costs day in and day out.

We are also committed to ensuring our customers feel confident that we will be with them as they look to achieve business success. Through our regional offices and hundreds of dealers worldwide providing quality, caring service and support, we work to provide a positive, local experience our customers can rely on, whether they are new to Vermeer or their machine is nearing five digits on the hour meter.


As we work to help our customers meet their business goals and make progress around the world, we also remain committed to developing a culture of improvement at Vermeer. That means aligning to the way our customers do business. Like our customers, we seek to find efficiencies and get the most out of the resources we use to minimize waste and improve the quality of our products and our people. This culture of improvement helps ensure the costs of our products are competitive and our quality stays at a high standard so our customers can know they are purchasing equipment that is reliable and high performing from day one.

The Leader in Bale Retrievers

Soulutions for Smater Farms

Anderson Commits to Delivering Innovative and Better Products for More Effective Agricultural Production.

Anderson designs and builds reliable equipment, high quality and innovative design, which can achieve maximum performance and provide operation that requires the intervention of a single person.


The company has three main product lines for work or silage loading and furnishings.


We also offer a range of practical accessories and special equipment for agricultural, forestry or other types of work.

Anderson Corp
Bale King

The Bale King

Bridgeview Manufacturing was founded by Kevin Hruska in 1983 on his farm yard near Gerald, Saskatchewan. Combining his love of farming with his Journeyman welding skills, Kevin built a wide variety of farm implements including harrows, trailers, seed tanks, and turkey loaders for local customers.

In 1985, Kevin hired his first employee and built the first dedicated Bridgeview factory. The company began to focus on a few major product lines including the Mr. Squeeze cattle squeeze chute and a line of welded hopper cones. The success of these products lines led to plant expansions, recruitment, and the formation of a dedicated R&D department. Bridgeview has since added the Bale King Bale Processor in 1993, Grain Express in 1998, the Bale King Rake V-Rake line in 2004, the Pulldozer Land Shaper line in 2007, Afterburner DEF in 2014, and the Pulldozer Scraper in 2016.

Bridgeview now employs 75 employees in our modern 70000 square foot factory. We design everything with Solidworks 3D CAD software, build it with a full line of CNC shop machinery, and finish everything off with top quality powder coat paint. Our machinery is sold worldwide with regular shipments going throughout Canada, the U.S, Eastern Europe, and Australia.

We are committed to serving our customers by building top quality machinery and providing exceptional after sales support. We will continue to push forward by investing heavily in R&D and we look forward to introducing exciting new machinery that will add value to our customer’s bottom line.   

Delta attachments are designed for user customization.

Through uncompromising quality, uncommon efficiency, and long term reliability, the S3 Delta Harrows Inc. team has secured their place in the AG sector. Today, the company produces the number one flex harrow in North America: the Delta Flexible Harrow, sold by hardware stores and farm equipment retailers throughout Canada and the United States, under Delta and other brand names.

The Delta Harrow has been designed with flexibility that allows for a broad range of applications. Here are a few in which it excels:

Turf Management: The Delta Flexible Harrow stimulates growth by surfacing the dead material, aerating the soil, and strengthening the grasses.  A small section on a drawbar or 3-point is all you need to tow behind your yard vehicle.

Gravelled or dirt roadway maintenance: Gravel roads or dirt paths are quickly smoothed, levelled, dried and manicured.  Hook a small drawbar and section up to your quad, or a 3-point hitch attachment to your garden tractor to make a quick job of driveway maintenance.

Pasture management: Treatment with the Delta Flexible Harrow maximizes the fertilizer benefits of existing droppings by encouraging decomposition, spreading nutrients, incorporating moisture, uncovering growth and aerating the soil.

Forage crop improvement: Scratching the soil surface covers open seed, assisting in germination and the establishment of new plants.  Stimulating and spreading the dead thatch aids decomposition, and increases the speed at which nutrients are usable. And while you’re providing all that with your Delta harrow, you will be levelling rodent mounds. The Delta Harrow Cart is the premium choice in this application.

Arena resurfacing: Arenas or playing fields become smooth and loosely packed: a safe surface for all activities. Any size that fits through your gate will get the work done quickly.

Seedbed preparation: The modular design of the tyne sections and range of attachment widths available make it easy to combine with field cultivators or other implements to prepare a firm, level seed-bed or to pack and cover. 

Corn stalk levelling & Minimum/No-Till Practices: Break up crust, ridges or stalks to clean up after harvest and prep for the next season.  Heavy residue like corn stalks is levelled and distributed without clumping or bunching – even in extreme situations.

Delta attachments are designed for user customization.

While tillage equipment options available today become increasingly complex, the Delta Flexible Harrow remains an easy-to-use, effective, inexpensive multi-use tool for a very wide array of terrain management chores. Rugged drawbars drag tyne sections while 3-point lifts and heavy-duty carts allow for ease of transportation and wide coverage. The modular, multi-use design and wide range of attachment options place the Delta Flexible Harrow in several markets in which minimum tillage solutions are a must. Delta harrow sections are assembled using cold-formed tynes from 7/16, 1/2, and 5/8” diameter steel wire, in modular units suited to configure with Delta attachments.  Drawbars and 3-Points range in widths from 4 to 14’;  Carts are available in widths from 16 to 42’.

Delta Harrow


At Diamond Mowers, we build the best.
By that, we mean the toughest, safest, and most reliable products in the industry. We continuously enhance our products with designed innovation and a keen understanding of the customer application. We don’t build what we want, we build what you need – durable, dependable, and effective attachments. With exceptional customer service and our strong reputation, we’ll continue to build the best.

Products include: boom mowers, rotary mowers, flail mowers and forestry mulchers for municipalities, contractors, and land owners. The company entered the skid-steer and excavator attachment markets in 2013, and manufactures rotary mowers and forestry mulchers that attach to skid loaders and excavators – products ideal for small, and large-scale brush clearing operations.

Harvest Starts Here

Great Plains Ag, a division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., is a company proud of its Midwestern roots. Based in Salina, Kansas, Great Plains Ag has been a leader in seeding equipment since its inception in 1976. Great Plains not only remains a leading producer of Grain Drills, but is also recognized across North America as a leader in Vertical Tillage and Conventional Tillage Equipment, Fertilizer ApplicatorsPlantersCompact Drills, and now Rotary Cutters. Dependable parts and service after the sale have helped Great Plains Ag gain many new dealers. Our commitment to service is something we take great pride in. Through online parts ordering, knowledgeable phone support, or a personal visit if that’s what it takes, Great Plains Ag is willing to go the extra mile for our customers. With dealers across the United States and Canada, there is always reliable help close by.

Great Plains
montana post driver.png

We Broke The Sweat So You Don't Have To

Superior Design

Through our hydraulic concrete breaker-based design, posts are driven by jackhammering them into the ground. You maintain full control of the post while driving at a rate of 800 blows per minute. The domed cup design enables you to push and pull the post straight, and the attached chain serves as a plumb bob and depth gauge. Because all moving parts remain above the post, our design also allows the user to reach over an existing fence to drive posts on the other side.

Safety First

A single operator is able to drive straight and true fence posts without the assistance of a spotter, increasing job safety by keeping your operator in the seat of the loader and eliminating the need for someone to stand by the post. Our design is not top-heavy like conventional products on the market. Low center of gravity reduces the chances of tip-over and allows for easy storage when detached.

Versatile & Durable

A Montana Post Driver accommodates wood, pipe, and T-posts, making it the most versatile equipment on the market. The frame and back plate are constructed from heavy steel plate for durability. This rugged, easy-to-operate post driver universally attaches to most skid loaders or excavators.

Easy to Maintain

A truly low-maintenance product, our driver allows for fast and simple disconnection and reconnection. The hydraulic hammer we use has only two moving parts and a single grease fitting for easy lubrication.

MT Post



To become the customer's first choice by providing the most satisfying ownership experience through world-class products, service, quality and the innovation of our people.


A commitment to quality in every business decision and process.
Attentive customer support every step of the way.
Exceptional value across equipment performance, reliability and service support.
Trust is the foundation for our relationship with the customer. We do what we say.


What Matters Most

OUR PURPOSE - To help our customers enrich the beauty, productivity and sustainability of the land.
OUR VISION - To be the most trusted leader in solutions for the outdoor environment. Every day. Everywhere.
OUR MISSION - To deliver superior innovation and to deliver superior customer care.

Agriculture - With an expanding population, growers around the world are looking to technologies that help increase the productivity of existing land and maximize precious water resources. Toro’s drip irrigation solutions help growers of permanent, field and row crops around the world realize substantial benefits in yield, quality and water savings from the precise application of water and nutrients.

Homeowner - When it comes to managing the yard, homeowners want tools that give them the confidence to master the task. That’s why they look to our many turf and landscape maintenance brands for smarter ways to take charge of the outdoors year round. From walk power mowers and zero-turn riders to irrigation technologies, snow blowers and yard tools – our products combine smart features with proven dependability.

wishek equip.jpg

With strength designed into every machine, Wishek disc harrows are heavy-duty machines that have  the heaviest weigh-per-blade specifications in the industry. This allows Wishek disc harrows to work in almost all soil conditions and crop residue. Disc gangs are set at an angle in order to mix residue regardless of field and residue conditions with just the right amount of soil to help create an ideal seed bed.

Wishek Steel and Manufacturing was founded in 1969 by Harley and Carol Brandner, as a welding, repair, and custom manufacturing shop. In 1972, with business increasing, a new and more modern facility was constructed in the southwest part of Wishek, N.D. With the arrival of the famous “Wishek Disc,” that building was also expanded in size to accommodate the increased business and additional people needed. Due to the quality of work being done at Wishek Steel, we were contacted by Bobcat Company, home of the Bobcat skid-steer loader, in Bismarck N.D., to do contract work for them.

In 1988, Wishek Steel purchased the feed and forage line of equipment from Balzer Manufacturing in Mountain Lake, Minn. In 1992, Wishek Steel purchased the entire ag line of tillage equipment from Miller Weeder Corporation of Stratton, Neb., and moved it to the plant in Wishek. With the increased activity, it was time to expand the existing buildings. The year 1995 brought another change to Wishek Steel. Kim and Mitch Bosch (daughter and son-in-law) and family were brought into the business. In 2003, the business ownership was transferred to the Bosch family, and Harley and Carol started the new adventure of a well-deserved retirement.

In 2015, Wishek tillage equipment manufacturing was moved to Wahpeton, ND, and is included in the AGCO-Amity JV, LLC line of products. Our robust tillage equipment remains the same and our dealer network continues to give our customers the same great service. Our tillage equipment can be found across North America and around the world.


The Leader in GPS Guidance

Ag Leader's Vision Statement:

To be the world class supplier of choice in the Precision Ag market by exceeding customer expectations in technology, quality, and service.

Ag Leader's Mission Statement:

Develop new technologies, products, and support systems to create a product line of unmatched range, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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Established 1945


107 Jardine. Ave

Jackson, MT 59736

Tel: 1-406-834-3143

865 N. Montana St.

Dillon, MT 59725

Tel: 1-406-683-2018

812 Chestnut Street
Helena, MT 59601
Tel: 1-406-502-1061

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